Super Original Story Concept – 2013-2014 Season predictions – Tada

Who the hell doesn’t love a good bit of predicting. I do! You don’t? Then never come back to this website again! Let’s not waste time; after all you’re doing that by reading this, so why draw it out any longer.


Team that is absolutely set up to crack under pressure

Denver Nuggets, all the same players…AND THAT ARE IT!

Team that is a quiet threat and shouldn’t be underestimated

Denver Nuggets, all the same players, sure new coach, soooo shut up?

Best head to head match for pure offense and f*ck all for defense

Golden State V. Orlando…weird right?! I think a lot of people would have thought I was going with Washington or Miami, but nah got to go with the Magic here. Oladipo and Harris alone should provide some fun shoot-at-will entertainment, then GSW has Curry and Thompson with Barnes and Iggy is going to be pandemonium!

Best head to head match for pure defense, ah the low score_ist!

Detroit v. Memphis I hate defense, unless it’s really really good defense and these teams look to show off the D. Memphis is a benchmark for defense with Gasol, Prince, and yes Ed Davis but Detroit (broke city) is ready to resume it’s bad boy stance with Monroe/Drummond/Smith…I’d be scarred sh!tless going trying to go in the paint on either of these teams…I really would.

Rookie set to kick Anderson Varejao’s ass in an awful hair contest

Kelly Olynyk. Nuff said.

Team who had the least impressive offseason

Tough one, Spurs are always pretty drab, but the Bucks really tried hard by losing Monta and trading Jennings…so it’s a tie? I guess? Never mind just remembered that Phoenix was still in the league. Phoenix.

First coach to get fired

Mike D’antoni, goodbye Pringles man. As far as ruining historic franchises I’m pretty sure your reign of terror is over.

2013-2014 flattest top

Nerlens Noel, sorry Shump

First player to do something stupid

It’s really hard not to pick J.R. Smith, however, I’m pretty sure DeMarcus Cousins just hired Isaiah Ryder as a life coach so I’m going with Cousins. Nice max signing Sacto…(bits thumb)

Will Kevin Love ask for a trade this year?

Yes, and it’s ok Wolves…you’ll actually get better.

Best job making it look like they’re not tanking for Wiggins

Lakers. At first I thought ok seems a little strange that they’re adding Jordan Farmar…then Wesley Johnson, then I full on knew they were tanking when they added Nick Young. Nice try Kupchak I’m on to you!

Playoff finals no one wants to see

Miami v. Miami Sure it’s not possible, or is it? Cause if it is I’m out.

I’m out