The Story so far

A couple of games, and here’s a quick chart of some of the shit that I’m thinking. Enjoy, and apologies for the lack of anything in a while. I have kids….it’s there fault.



Finally, this guy!


So when I was like 16 I was pretty sure I was saving up the cash to get my first tattoo. My first tattoo of darkwing duck. Then I read a couple of books. Real game changer.

P.S. – If you look hard enough on the ‘writing?!’ on his arm you can morph the letters to read ‘Encino Man’. I like to think he was a big fan.

It Matters. Period

It Matters. Period.


Earlier today news came out that first time NBA head coach Mike Budenholzer was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Budenholzer apparently refused a breathalyzer (which in and of itself is a chargeable offence) when asked by Georgia State trooper Johnathon Nelms. Undoubtedly this comes as a disappointing blow to the Atlanta Hawks who recently signed the former Spurs assistant coach.

Drinking and driving is a shitty thing to do. There I said it. And if asked again about it in the future, I’ll say it again. I sadly know people whose lives have been directly impacted by the stupidity and lack of good judgment of those who choose to drive impaired.

I really feel bad for the Hawks fans out there; it’s been a tough summer for them. For one, I thought that Larry Drew was and still is a good coach, letting him go for an inexperienced head coach didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me to begin with. Then losing Josh Smith (which likely came as no surprise to anyone in Georgia…or, well anywhere) dealt another blow to the franchise. Again, I like Danny Ferry, I think he’s a very capable GM, but this has not been a stellar off-season for the Atlanta GM.

Then this happens. Which is basically the equivalent of throwing gas on a napalm fire while trying to blow it out with nuclear radiation. In short, a cluster fuck.

When I went to one of my usual basketball websites to read about it, I noticed that one predominant basketball website decided it was not really news worthy and published a small linked article that was not visible or accessible from their main page (it was sent to me later). For the record, the story was positioned 3rd on the ESPN website, and 1st in the ‘Top Stories’ section of the NBA’s front page. (See screen shots below). I discussed the matter with one of the editor/writers about it on Twitter. They let me know it was effectively not really news worthy (to them). Ultimately they also went on to basically infer that until a court ruling gets handed out that it’s also does not really have an impact on the game (see my Twitter timeline if you’re interested).

 I don’t want to sound like a whiny Perez Hilton here, but THE FUCK YOU SAY IT DOESN’T IMPACT THE GAME!

 Really?! So if you’re Danny Ferry you’re cool with it? If you’re a Hawks fan that’s already probably pissed that the offseason didn’t work out the way you’d hoped, you’re cool with it? You think newly appointed commissioner Adam Silver is peachy with this? Please let us have a Dr. Phil moment here – ‘GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS’

 It matters, it really matters. Forget being a fan, or sports, or you for a second. Think about lives. Think about safety.

Now think about your family…on the road.

Sure Budenholzer ‘might’ be innocent (because State Troopers usually make this shit up, and hence refusing to take a breathalyzer is the only way to truly prove your innocence), but I’m not entirely confident in the choices he made leading up to him in the back of a cop car.

 Now, right now I’m officially at a loss of words to describe that sports site’s poor choice. Poor choice not to run it, poor choice not to discuss it honestly, and poor choice not to just stand up and say “Hey guys you know what, that shit IS wrong”. You lost more than a reader tonight.



(BTW – Thank you to ESPN and the NBA for recognizing the severity of the issue)



That’s right you salty mother fuckers, just because I haven’t posted in nearly three weeks and I forgot to renew my domain name eight days after it expired, doesn’t mean I was tripping all over the globe on Molly searching my the very depths of my souls (I have two) with the aid of my trusty deaf/mute Sherpa Lopsang. CAUZE I WiZun’t!

BTW – The answer is a resounding YES! That is former Chicago Bull (and no.2837 in your heart) Eddie Robinson in a NBL Halifax Rainmen uniform. Motherfucker is all aboot Donair meat, Olands, and Stan Rogers now.

Boom, back. I’ll write soon, if you follow me soon @i8theball

The real villain was this guy!

Fuck you Miami. I don’t want to be a gracious loser, let Popovich do that. I fucking hate you primadonna asshats. One day I’m really going to make you clutch your ankles, no faking bullshit. I want to find Mike Miller’s missing shoe and choke LeBron out with it. What really cracks my walnuts is that Shane Battier was the iceman last night. What happened to you? You went soooo dark side on us. I thought ‘well this guy is going to always be a J.Crew type of prim and proper’ now you’re all Abercrombie. even the weird badger skin wrinkle from the top of your head has gone….I don’t recognize Shane Battier anymore!


Well enjoy your empty heartless victory you fucking hero killing sons of bitches. I hope your hot girlfriends on the side have fat triplets. Fuckers.

Fuckface fuck fucking fuckling fucker fuckers. Not even nearly enough fucks in this.